Sunday, 21 August 2011

Dying Earth

Our planet is dying, Our only place of refuge among the cosmos is starting to crumble.We can all feel its presence, we all knew this day would come. So ignorance cannot be blamed for this enigma, there is only one culprit to be blamed for all of this, and that is our carelessness. Our carelessness to simply reduce our consumption. But what can we really do? how are we to feed the raging populous that keeps expanding and increasing by the second?

We have leveled hills and forests to fill our needs, we have driven the animals from their homes so we can expand our own territories. The seas blacken from our filth and the skies spew out the poisons that we left transcending  from the land. We left a wake of destruction in our path, as we search for the ultimate source of energy, The energy to contaminate this Earth even further and pushing it towards its breaking point. Even the most humble of creatures are erased from existence, not by the hands of mother nature but by the hands of man. They say we should never bite the hand that feeds us, but we have done more than merely gnawing on that hand, we have dismembered that hand from its very giving owner.

The Sun's presence is becoming even greater than before, it's as if the sun is getting hotter by the day, but the sun's radiance has remained the same since the dawn of time, we just tore the roof over our heads, the ozone layer. before, the sun's gleaming light supported life on earth, now it has turned into a beacon of death, drying up rivers and lakes. Even the rain over our heads are becoming more and more massive, Its like the sea has been pulled up into the sky, and was spat back down into the ground like some distasteful morsel.The ancients believed that the rain was a sign of renewal, the rain washing out yesterday's filth so they can start the morrow clean. Truly, the rain is a sign of renewal, renewal of all the errors and ridiculous mistakes that we made. One day we will wake up to find a storm so great that it will flood our cities that we deemed "indestructible.", just like the great deluge of long ago. But this time it will be of man's doing, not God's.

One cannot deny the fact that we contributed to this destruction(indirectly or directly), even I. But we can learn from our mistakes, we can rebuild a greater foundation with this state of mind, but the fools that lead us have become so fat that they cannot see what's happening below them. But i do not speak as a member of a society or a citizen of a country, i speak as an individual. Because greater change starts within ourselves. I am not saying that we throw our technology and go back to the forests. There is a reason why our intelligence is so immense, We must use this to protect our home. The technology we have can be the greatest tools to protect this planet, but we have used it the other way around. Instead of preserving the delicate balance of this planet to prolong our time here on earth, we tip it over to our advantage and take everything to our heart's content. Thus, shortening our time here, As the novelist Wendell Berry said "The earth is what we have all in common." these words should fall into the ears of every person here on the planet, rather then fearing false prophecies of the world's end, because the world ended long ago, when we started to neglect it.

                                                    Wake up now and see what you have to lose.

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  1. oh my god. thats deep dude, but sadly so true.